Here are the courses or modules that are available for you to take:

Courses: All of the courses available to you are listed below.  Before you can progress onto any other course, you must complete and pass the Customer Care one first.  We hope you find them informative and useful. Please share the courses with your friends and colleagues!

Customer Care

Lincolnshire Ambassador is an online training course for everyone who comes into contact with visitors to this beautiful part of the country. We ask you to read a short module on the basics of customer care and how you can make visitors feel looked after – and want to come back! – and then answer some questions on what you have learned. When you have passed this first module, you have a choice of second module to complete, depending on the area in which you work. These are Lincoln Ambassador, East Lincolnshire Ambassador and Greater Lincolnshire Ambassador – just choose the one that you would find most useful.

Each of these modules also ends with a quiz. When you have completed the two sections successfully you can print out an official Lincolnshire Ambassador certificate. And don’t forget you can always complete the other modules too!

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