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East Lincolnshire - Mablethorpe & Sutton on Sea

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17 miles north of Skegness, the quieter resort of Mablethorpe boasts one of the area’s best beaches with clean, golden sand that stretches down towards the neighbouring village of Sutton on Sea. Mablethorpe is known for its colourful beach huts, thousands of people descend on the town for the annual Bathing Beauties Festival – where art meets architecture. Every September the beach, promenade and beach huts provide the backdrop for a programme of creative art installations, performances, arts and crafts.

In 2006 there was an international art and architecture competition to re-imagine the beach hut for the 21st century. Six huts, which all have a modern twist, are now in place – Jabba, Halcyon, Eyes Wide Shut, Come Up and See Me, Gin and Tonic, Gazing & Canoodling and Camera Obscura.